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For Sale: Bugatti Replica in Mexico

The Bugatti Veyron. The engineering masterpiece that rewrote the rules of what every manufacturer thought was possible. A car that was built to feature...

Overkill: Bugatti Veyron World Record Edition Replica in Russia

We've seen a number of Bugatti Veyron replicas in the past. Today's example comes from Russia, its the first time we've seen one based...
For Sale Fake Bugatti Type 51 Racer to be Auctioned

For Sale: Fake Bugatti Type 51 Racer to be Auctioned

You are definitely not looking at a Bugatti Type 51 Race Car, but at a pretty good looking fake replica built in the 1980s...

Video: Porsche Boxster Transforms into Bugatti Veyron

Replica's of supercars are mostly created by people who think totally different from any other supercar enthousiast. Over the years we have seen a...