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Video’s: MTM Audi RS6 vs Several Competitors

We all know MTM as a superb german tuner but also from our roadtest we had last year. It looks like we're not the...

BMW Changes Engines In Future M line-up

Rumours about a different engine in the newly developed M3 have finally been confirmed by BMW. The next-generation will be powered by a smaller...

Photo Of The Day: E39 BMW M5

Today we show you a picture, that got advised by our member Terabass, of his car drifing around in the desert. When scrolling down...

BMW M5 Hurricane G-Power

These days BMW's M5 is having serious competitors, with the Audi RS6 breathing out 580 bhp out of its V10 engine and the E-Class...

Video: BMW M5 vs Audi RS4 on the Moscow Ring Road!

This is one of the maddest street racing videos online! It is filmed from inside a E39 BMW M5 on the Moscow ringroad. Traffic...