Yes, you read that right. M2 x Hatchback x V8. In this feature of “Project Exposure”, we meet one man from Germany who decided to risk it all.

It started life as a 2015 BMW M135i xDrive, ended up as an extreme hatchback with a V8 and body parts borrowed from an M2 – hence the title. The M135i/M140i provides a solid base for wild projects, limits will only occur if you allow them to. For Mr. Muhammet, his aim was to take his daily driver to the next level of daily driving. He insisted that up to this point, the car is still very much drivable on a daily bases just like it used to before the project began.

The real fun began when he decided to swap the factory 3.0L N55 I6 engine for a 4.4L S63B44T2 V8 Biturbo found on the X5/M and X6 M models. In this particular case, his donor was an X6 M. Make no mistake, the N55 is held with high regard in the BMW community, its popularity in the tuning scene is the equivalent of a 1JZ/2JZ in the JDM world. But what’s the fun of doing what has already been done?

Notably, the M135i body was given a makeover with parts from a BMW M2. This is a full M2 Competition body conversion with a carbon hood and custom rear bumper. No OPF here, just a 3-inch exhaust with 200cpsi HJS and a rear muffler from the M2 Competition. In Sport+ the V8 sound really comes to life!

The builder goes on to borrow a transfer case and gearbox from the same X6 M – the GA8HP70Z 8 speed automatic transmission and its respective transfer case (ATC 45 L).

A suspension upgrade was definitely needed to even out the added weight, an easy job for the KW Variant 3 coilovers. The carbon ceramic brakes and the rear axle were borrowed from a BMW M4. As for the wheels, a set of 19 inch BMW M Doublespoke M437 were put to use. The wheels were then paired with Michelin PS4S tires (255/35 front and 265/35 rear).

We asked Muhammet if he had other plans for the project. His next step is to do an interior overhaul by getting new seats, carbon interior parts and more. He will then get a custom stage 2 tune and a new intake system. You can follow this project on Instagram – f20_v8biturbo

If you would like to get your car featured on “Project Exposure”, please write us a DM on Instagram or contact me directly via Twitter.

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