In the market for a subtle carbon fibre update to your BMW M-car? Polish tuning firm Sterckenn are normally a good place to start. Recently, the company released components for the BMW X3 M.

The components also fit the BMW X4 M, adding a touch of style alongside aerodynamic improvement.

It is the first time Sterckenn has turned its hand to a BMW SUV. As usual, the modifications extend only as far as the front splitter.

For the BMW X3 M and its Coupe counterpart, Sterckenn designed a three-part component. The three-part system allows customers to easily replace scratched elements rather than the whole set.

What also sets Sterckenn apart is its use of technology. Sterckenn 3D scan the OEM model to ensure that when it builds the components, they get a high quality fit while they avoid interfering with the rest of the design.

The components are built from pre-impregnated carbon fibre. Sterckenn offers them worldwide through dealers in Europe, USA, Japan, Korea and Australia.

The BMW X3 M components are a shrewd move. BMW’s smallest SUV M-car is also one of its more successful. With the recent boom in SUV’s it has sold well.

Lets hope Sterckenn turns its hand to some of BMW’s other SUV M-cars. Perhaps the BMW X5 M? Of course, if SUV’s aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps consider some of Sterkenn’s other components. For the BMW M2 Competition perhaps, or the BMW 8 Series.

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