Looking for a subtle tuning package for your BMW M5 or BMW M2? Sterckenn have you covered! The British tuner recently released two aerodynamic packages which add to BMW’s styling without dominating the look.

Key to Streckenn’s success is that each addition is installed on OEM parts. This means, come sale time, modifications are easily put back to standard. Alternatively, should you decide to change to look to an updated Streckenn component, this is also made easy!

For the BMW M5, Streckenn have added a new front splitter and a set of diffuser inserts at the back. The modifications are available for the standard bodywork and M Performance additions. They also retain the Hands Free Trunk Access function, something which cannot be said for other manufacturers tuning packages. The changes are small but give the M5 a unique look.

For the BMW M2, the modifications are similar in nature. The front splitter has been newly developed. It also bolts on to the standard bodywork. Despite the additions, the BMW M2 does not lose any of its ride height.

BMW M5 Side View

All of Streckenn’s components are constructed from high quality pre-pregnated carbon fibre. Streckenn components are available throughout Europe, USA, Japan, and Australia. The company also offers components for the previous generation M5 as well as various other M Cars.

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