Prototypes of the new Toyota Supra and the related BMW Z5 Roadster have been spied testing ahead of their respective debut dates.

These prototypes are far from the first we’ve seen for both the Supra and the Z5 Roadster, but wear a little less camouflage than others and thus tell us a little more about the two sportscars.

Toyota appears to have applied a fastback body to the Supra as a nod to previous versions of the vehicle. These photos reveal the general shape of the Supra’s taillamps along with its small fixed rear spoiler and dual exhaust system. Another notable feature is the ‘double bubble’ roof – a styling cue applied to the Toyota FT-1 concept that looks as though it’s made it to the production car.

The BMW, on the other hand, looks more like a traditional coupe and features larger overhangs than the Supra. In these photos the Z5 Roadster looks almost like a shrunken 6-Series Cabriolet with its straight beltline and similar rear end and taillamps. It’s safe to say that the BMW will appear decidedly more grown up than the Toyota with which it will share its platform.

Some rumors point to the two cars packing a BMW-Sourced 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine under the hood that will be aided by two electric motors for a combined output of around 355 horsepower. Another possibility is that a BMW-sourced inline-six cylinder engine will be used, or that the two will feature different engines from one another entirely. No official mention has been made of transmission options, but one would hope that both manual and automatic units will be on offer.

The Toyota Supra and BMW Z5 Roadster are expected to make a debut sometime in 2018.

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