For most automotive enthusiasts, having a house with a large multi-car garage is absolutely ideal. For those looking for something even more, well you’re in luck as a property in the United States has just hit the market and it comes with its very own racetrack!

Mansion for sale UK

The house is located in Mid Ulster and is set on a 33 acre block of land. While much of that land is taking up by pristine grass, a large portion is taken up by the racetrack. From the available pictures, it seems as though the racetrack is more suited to go karts than cars but even still, we can’t imagine a better way to relax without even leaving your property!

Beyond the racetrack, the large house also includes a dedicated workshop, games room, a number of leisure rooms and accommodates four bedrooms and a three-car garage. Also found on the property is a second four-bedroom house.


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