McLaren has confirmed that next year, a new body style of the McLaren 570S will be introduced followed by a Spyder variant in 2017. At this stage, McLaren is remaining tight-lipped about just what form the 2016 car will take but most reports suggest it could be a more practical GT-style car with additional luggage space. Not dissuaded by those suggestions, Theophilus Chin has decided to render something very different; a four door McLaren 570S.

Basing his creation around the Porsche Mission-E Concept, Theo’s creation combines the aggressive and appealing front fascia of the 570S with the exceptionally sleek four-door design of the Mission-E.

Of course, if McLaren ever decided to offer a sedan variant of the 570S, it wouldn’t be based around the Mission-E nor even slightly resemble it. Nevertheless, the following rendering does show that the front-end of the 570S can suit a four-door design.

What are your thoughts about the car?

VIATheophilus Chin
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