By in large, most modern superyachts look quite similar with prominent bow and stem sections as well as above-sea and under-water living spaces. However, Italian design studio Pastrovich has dreamt up an entirely new concept dubbed the Sveti Superyacht.

The vessel looks more like a spaceship than a traditional superyacht and interestingly, it is said that its distinct shape actually results in improved internal strength throughout while also limiting the number of materials used. Additionally, it makes the best use out of the yacht’s footprint with interior and exterior living spaces stretching right out to the edges of the ship.

The top level of the cabin makes use of expansive windows and exceptionally high ceilings and a number of relaxation areas. Meanwhile, the second interior level is where a selection of bedroom and living spaces are found. The third interior level is similar but it is below the water and therefore features a number of thick, underwater windows in the bedrooms and spa areas.

Meanwhile, the lower deck includes bars and wine cellars. Arguably the highlight of the Sveit Superyacht is the absolutely massive rear deck with three large swimming pools and enough outside space to rival some high-end hotels and resorts.

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