Novitec F430

This Ferrari F430 from Canada is one wicked supercar! It`s been upgraded with twin superchargers from Novitec Rosso, pushing out a whopping 707hp. Did we mention it’s for sale?

It also features an upgraded fuel pump, larger injectors, upgraded ECU, high-flow headers and Scuderia style exhaust system, high-flow air filters, water-cooled intercoolers, carbon engine bay and much more.

The body features the full Novitec kit, including front and rear bumpers, side skirts, rear wing, tail lights, rear grille, NF4 wheels and more. The interior is outfitted with carbon seats, alcantara interior package, carbon accents and trim pieces and a lot of other goodies. The car comes wrapped matte grey with a fighter jet livery. Underneath the wrap is the original Rosso Corsa paint

Novitec F430

KW Racing suspension and 6-piston 380mm Novitec brakes complete the package.

This F430 has over $150,000 in options that make it extremely unique. The car has been serviced and everything is up-to-date. It’s currently up for sale for $159,000 CAD.

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  1. Hi Matthew! :)…i came accross your great artical on the twin suprcharged f430 & loved it!…im like you ill die along side my passion for cars! :)…f430 is my weak spot if im honest! :)…it does things to my twinkle that no girl ever could! :) lol…i read you like to follow your passion through journalism (& i admire that!…well done!:)…i express my passion & love for cars by making car music videos on youtube! :)…so to get to the point! :)…i seen these pics of the f430 & got busy! :)…i very rarely make slideshow vids…only done 1 before…but now ive finished my 2nd with your pics…im very VERY happy with the result! :)…its very nice indeed! :)…so the purpose of this message is to inform you that not only have (you) inspired me to make the video…but im hoping that (in your reply)…you would possibly like to see it? :)…& hopefully if you like it as much as me you wont be too mad that i technicaly STOLE your images! :( lol…ill look forward to your reply…keep up the good work,great pics…Scott. :)


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