Small British automaker Noble has just announced its intention to double its current production capacity.

As it stands, Noble is producing 12 examples of its sole model, the M600, each and every year. However while speaking with Autovisie, Noble Cars managing director Peter Boutwood said he hopes to see that increased to 24-25 units annually.

To achieve the boosted production number, Noble will have to increase its workforce and is currently in the process of doing so. Additionally, rookies are currently being trained by the automaker’s staff on the processes of producing the exceptionally potent Noble M600.

Despite producing the car in such limited quantities, Noble actually returns a profit on each and every M600 it sells as long as over 10 are delivered to customers every year. Boosting production figures would then logically increase profits which the automaker could reinvest into research and development for new products.

One new model which could hit the market soon is the Noble M600 Speedster. Recently revealed in prototype specification, no official word about the car reaching the market has been given. However, there’s a strong possibility that it will soon join the M600 hardtop in the Noble range.

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