Minecraft Creator Throws Massive Party at $70 Million Beverly Hills Mansion

Late last year, it emerged that Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson outbid Beyonce and Jay Z and paid $70 million for one of the finest mansions in Beverly Hills. Well ‘Notch’ has moved in to his new humble abode and consequently hosted a housewarming party almost as lavish as the house itself.

The party saw famous guests like DJ Zedd, Dillion Francis and Selena Gomez attend with a plethora of private chefs also being hired to cook for the dozens of lucky guests. Already, ‘Notch’ has a Rolls-Royce and a white Ferrari 458 Italia on display in the pristine garage alongside a couple of Bumblee Transformer statues.

Construction of the property only concluded this year and all up, it measures 23,500 square feet. The team behind it claims that it is the most exciting home built in California with the property combining glamour and bold architecture in one sensational package.

The land measures 0.96 acres and the house itself has eight bedrooms and no less than 15 bathrooms! It was built by Roman James Design Build and is nestled up in the hills near Hollywood overlooking the city of Los Angeles. One of the most notable elements of the house is the expansive garage which includes hydraulic lifts as well as rotating displays.

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