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Video: Chris Harris Discusses Ken Block’s ‘Hoonicorn’!

Ken Block released Gymkhana Seven a couple of weeks ago and the highlight was unquestionably his new car affectionately dubbed the ‘Hoonicorn’. Effectively a 1965 Ford Mustang but with all new parts and mechanicals, Chris Harris recently had a tour of the car and what makes it so special.


Dubbed ‘The Hoonicorn’, the car was built by AS Motorsports in North Carolina and took two years to make a reality. It has been fitted with a Roush Yates 410 cubic inch 6.7-litre Ford V8 engine and pumps out 845 hp. This potent engine is then mated to a six-speed manual transmission with power being sent through all four wheels.

Elsewhere, it features completely inboard pushrod suspension with double wishbones at all four corners while the engine makes use of independent throttle bodies and a Motec management system.

While the technology behind this unique 1965 Ford Mustang is eye-opening, it is the menacing looks which really boggle the mind. It features completely custom bodywork, massively flared wheel arches, a stripped out interior with a roll cage and Recaro racing seats and of course, the massive velocity stack protruding out of the bonnet!



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