A sketched teaser of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz concept’s interior set to debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January has just been released. As we predicted, the car will be a concept in the truest possible sense and unlike anything currently on the market.

In the cabin, the new Mercedes-Benz concept features four seats which face each other. The front two swivel and can also face forward in the fully autonomous car. Additionally, a central table is featured in between the four seats making for a mobile living room. Elsewhere, there is wood across the floor, a glass roof as well as high-quality leather throughout.

As we predicted last month, it seems apparent that the mysterious Mercedes-Benz concept spied under heavy camouflage was in fact the CES car. Alongside the expansive cabin, it includes a large windshield, flared wheel arches and very short overhangs both at the front and the back.

Discussing the car with Motoring, Daimler AG head of design Gorden Wagener said, “With this concept we are defining the luxury of the future. We have evolved an interdisciplinary scenario and thought through the freedoms that autonomous driving brings: more space, more time, more ways to interact.”

[Via Motoring]


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