Gymkhana Seven is set to debut tomorrow and thanks to a brand new car, dubbed the ‘Hoonicorn’, is promising to be most of the very best to date.

As you may recall, Ken Block’s Gymkhana 6 took place in a dedicated gymkhana complex but Gymkhana Seven has been filmed through the streets of Los Angeles. As a result, it should be somewhat reminiscent of Gymkhana 5 which was set in San Francisco.

As for the car Kenny from the Block will be driving, it is a completely bespoke 1965 Ford Mustang delivering 845 hp and complete with an all-wheel drive system. The car was built by AS Motorsports in North Carolina and took two years to make a reality. It has been fitted with a Roush Yates 410 cubic inch Ford V8 engine and as mentioned, pumps out 845 hp. This potent engine is then mated to a six-speed sequential transmission.

While the technology behind this unique 1965 Ford Mustang is eye-opening, it is the menacing look which really boggles the mind. It features completely custom bodywork, massively flared wheel arches, a stripped out interior with a roll cage and Recaro racing seats and of course, the massive supercharger protruding out of the bonnet!

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