Wilton House 2014 Supercar Show

A few months back, you might recall that we visited Salisbury for the annual Wilton House Classic and Supercar event. We borrowed a Jaguar F-Type V8 S Convertible and a McLaren 650S Spider for the occasion. Two cars perfectly suited to this most British of events! You’ve read our adventures getting to the show, you’ve not yet read our story from the show itself.

Having spent the day at Gurston Down Hill Climb, the next stage of the Wilton House Classic and Supercar weekend is the Supercar Parade. As the venue was a short distance from the House, we got a police convoy through a number of small villages en route. The amount of support from local residents was incredible. A few short bursts from our cars left a lasting impression and before long, we were queued along a tree-lined avenue.

The Jaguar and the McLaren were separated by this point, the Jaguar sat behind a finely fettled Nissan GT-R and in front of a Ferrari 599 GTB. The incredible noise produced by the supercharged V8 prevailed over both down the narrow country lanes. Our McLaren 650S Spider on the other hand, was initiated into Wilton House’s ultra-exclusive hyper car portion of the parade. Sat in front of its older brevren, the legendary McLaren P1.

Wilton House 2014 Supercar Show

This year, Wilton’s sponsors had provided an Abarth 500 to lead the cars through the crowds. We travelled in packs of around 10-15 cars to the front entrance. A familiar roped alley lead us to our display point. Unfortunately the F-Type V8 S places a rev limit of around 4,000 rpm in neutral which meant we weren’t able to fully clear its throat during the parade. The 650S Spider did a fantastic job though, thrilling the showgoers as much as it is possible when in the company of a McLaren F1 and Ferrari Enzo.

As we parked up, it became clear that Wilton had gathered the creme of the crop. Short glyphs through the crowd revealed a McLaren P1 and McLaren F1 duo, an elevated platform also displayed a Mercedes-Benz duo; SLS AMG and SL 300 Gullwing. The theme behind this part of the display was “head to head” which saw supercar legends come face to face with their modern counterparts.

Wilton House 2014 Supercar Show

Aside from the McLaren and Mercedes-Benz displays, we spotted a BMW i8 next to a vintage BMW roadster. A vintage Bugatti next to a Bugatti Veyron, a Ferrari F40 together with a Ferrari 250 SWB, Huracan and Miura; even a GTO trio (288 GTO, 599 GTO and 250 GTO). It was an inspired choice of display, the F-Type and E-Type duo were of particular interest.

Towards the back of the house, various items of exotic machinery were dotted across the lawn. From Bugatti EB110’s to a precise replica Jaguar XJ-13; every taste was catered for. We are big fans of the Ferrari 250-series cars. The Ferrari 250 SWB obviously piqued our attention, as did some of the more affordable classics such as the Lancia Delta!

If you missed it all, no need to worry. Wilton House organisers are already busy organising a 2015 event which will build on the success of the 2014 event. Stay tuned for more details!

Wilton House 2014 Supercar Show

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