A Look Inside the ABT Sportsline Factory

Unlike some aftermarket tuners out there who simply throw on upgrades for the hell of it without any real R&D, the crew at ABT Sportsline is class-leading when it comes to its host of upgrades available for numerous Audi models.

One pivotal area where ABT Sportsline ensures the reliability of its upgrades is on its advanced dynamometer or more commonly known as a dyno. The advanced MAHA dyno enables ABT to accurately measure every imaginable parameter on the car.

When discussing this, ABT Sportsline CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt said, “Our thorough testing balances performance and durability and allows us to issue extensive warranties. Systems of this quality you will otherwise only find with engine developers, technical universities or major racing teams. We can measure cars with up to 3,000 hp and 2,200 kW. The air blower can produce a speed of up to 200 kph and has a capacity of 90,000 m3/h.

A Look Inside the ABT Sportsline Factory

“Our modern MAHA dynamometer has an excellent sensory system and thus captures all pertinent data. “It can also be flexibly upgraded with extra modules. Since we tune a lot of quattros, we have made it 4WD-compatible, for example.”

ABT Sportsline ensures that each and every car to roll out of its shop is thoroughly tested on its dyno as well as the road to make sure customers have a car to, in the words of Hans-Jürgen Abt, “enjoy for many years to come”.


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