Two weeks ago we showed you video of a relatively stock pink Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 letting loose on the dyno. The car, which was relatively stock, pushed out 461 hp to the wheels, which is about 590 hp to the crank. That’s a bit above average for an LP560, but that’s because it had a few upgrades already.

The Gallardo was previously outfitted with a custom Hi-Tech performance exhaust setup, but the owner wanted more than just a nice sound to compliment his already flashy Lamborghini. After taking his Gallardo to ZR Auto in Calgary, Canada, the decision was made to install a Heffner Performance Twin-Turbo kit on the car, producing around 700 hp to the wheels.

The project was just completed, and we were invited along to the dyno again to see how much more power this Gallardo now had. After a few pulls on the dyno, the printout showed that this Gallardo now boasted 911 hp to the crank and 711 hp to the wheels. That’s more than 250 hp more than it started with!


Now with a new Heffner twin-turbo setup and a new set of wheels, this Gallardo has a completely new persona. We have to give this guy credit for painting his Gallardo pink. Not many others would do the same. But now he has a lot more power under the hood, which we love even more!


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