2014 SRT Viper Production Again Halted by Dodge

Just a few days ago, it was confirmed that production of the 2014 SRT Viper had restarted on June 23rd after being halted for two months. Now, just a couple of weeks later, production has once again been stopped due to ever-decreasing sales.

The production line stopped for a second time yesterday and isn’t expected to restart until July 21st. Another key-reason to stop production again is that there is still a large surplus of SRT Vipers waiting to be sold. As a result, there’s still a possibility that once things get underway again on July 21st that surplus will only keep building.

This year, just 354 units of the SRT Viper have been sold in the United States with a further 70 being sold in Canada.

When production of the SRT Viper was originally halted, Chrysler said, “The SRT Viper is a hand-crafted American exotic car. It has never been intended to be a mass-production vehicle as less than 29,000 vehicles have been produced in the past 20 years. The ability to increase and decrease production at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant allows the company to continue to meet our customers’ desire to keep these special cars exclusive. Customer and dealer demand for the SRT Viper continues at expected levels.”

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  1. Does not surprise me in the least. The Viper is a beautiful car and wicked fast, but the idiots who sell it are ruining it. Overpriced for the performance and salespeople who do not return calls or email requests for more information. I’ll keep my c6z06 for now and maybe look at the c7z06 in 2016. SRT, are you listening???

  2. I own a 2014 SRT ViperTA. It has been in shop 6 times already with 4 cats being replaced every other week. I am perusing the lemon law. Be careful this company does not know how to cater to the high end buyer.

  3. Dealership is great. It is the idiots at Chrysler who handle the problems and customers that suck. If a new car keeps breaking every other week with the same repair would it not make since for the manufacture to buy it back instead of having to pursue the lemon law.


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