Video: 1800hp+ Lamborghini Gallardo Catches Fire at 200mph

Twin-turboing the Lamborghini Gallardo is extremely popular among those rich enough to afford the Italian supercar and wanting to achieve some incredible drag strip times. However, with some twin-turbo Gallardos pushing out well over 1500 hp and up to 2000 hp, mechanical issues can arise quite quickly and unexpectedly.


We’ve seen a couple twin-turbo Gallardos catch fire in the middle of one mile sprints and recently in the U.S, an orange Gallardo pushing out more than 1800 hp suffered the same fate after hitting 207 mph in less than half a mile!

The driver of the car, a co-owner of Underground Racing, said that during the run a turbocharger exploded leading to the massive fire ball. Thankfully, the drag-strip oriented machine is fitted with a full fire suppression system.


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