Audi Sport Quattro and Audi Nanuk Could Reach Production

Introduced at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2013, the Audi Sport Quattro and Audi Nanuk Quattro concepts were two of the showstoppers at the event. Featuring bold styling, both the Sport Quattro and Nanuk paint a very bright future for Audi’s future performance direction.

Now, the director of Audi UK André Konsbruck has revealed that both the Audi Sport Quattro and Audi Nanuk could reach the production line and help further cement the company’s premium image.

Audi Nanuk Concept

While speaking with Autocar recently, Konsbruck said, “Every concept we show has production possibilities, and these cars are no different. I can see a future where we aim to deliver different, innovative premium cars that people aspire to own, such as these. They will be niche, and they will push our price ceiling, but they deliver on the brand image and build the desirability of the brand as a whole.

“However popular they are, we cannot just build Audi A3s, that’s clear. Audi has always done special projects to drive its premium image, and cars like the Quattro and Nanuk could achieve that.”

While this news in interesting, it isn’t new. In September, it was revealed that a modified variant of the Sport Quattro could reach production, while the Nanuk could be targeted towards the Arabian and Russian markets.

[Via Autocar]

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