Render of 2013 Maserati Bora Concept

You might remember the name Alex Imnadze from the fantastic Alfa Romeo 6C Concept he rendered a little while ago. He has now returned with this, the 2013 Maserati Bora Concept! Alex obviously has a desire to bring about a revival of two classic Italian brands as the Bora aims to capture the idea behind a historic Maserati model.

The 2013 Maserati Bora Concept captures the ethos of the classic model. Being a two-seater sports coupe with a rear-mounted engine, the concept is very similar to the 1970’s model. Yet it differs quite significantly on account of its supercar looks!

Alex’ 2013 Maserati Bora Concept looks quite similar to the Jaguar CX-75 concept we think. It has a low, rounded look with typical Maserati traits including intricate wheel designs, side air vents and a Maserati front grille.

We absolutely love it. It looks fantastic and Alex is obviously very talented at rendering designs! Perhaps this unique supercar could serve as a replacement for the much-loved Maserati MC12.

Render of 2013 Maserati Bora Concept

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  1. Hey Maserati, if you’re interested in jumping into the electric car market, this would be a good platform to start with.


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