Strange Porsche Panamera Tester With Roll Cage Spotted

It’s no secret that Porsche is currently developing a small version of the Porsche Panamera believed to be dubbed the Porsche Pajun. While details about the car are limited at this stage, a very secretive prototype could have recently been spotted.


Filmed in black at a gas station and joined by a black 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo, the car features a prominent roll cage in the back and the person behind the clip says that a selection of other testing/racing equipment was inside the cabin.

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept

It’s hard to judge just what Porsche has up its sleeve from the following video but there are a few options. It could be an early prototype for the Porsche Pajun featuring new mechanicals and a standard Panamera body, a one-off Panamera outfitted with a roll cage by a customer and racing enthusiast or possibly a prototype for the next-gen Panamera.

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