Unveiled by TechArt at the 2011 IAA Frankfurt Auto Show, the TechArt GTStreet RS is based on a Porsche 911 GT2 RS. But really, it’s not a GT2 RS at all. The car is practically remade to be much more hardcore than the GT2 RS that left Porsche’s factory. Although the GT2 RS was already heavily modified by TechArt, this didn’t deter ByDesign Motorsports from adding their own modifications to improve the car even more.

In order to improve upon the TechArt GTStreet RS, Saudi Arabia-based ByDesign Motorsports added a bunch of new exterior modifications. The modifications of this car weren’t only for personalization, but also for aerodynamics. In order to improve the aerodynamics of the TechArt GTStreet RS, ByDesign Motorsports added carbon fibre side flaps, new air ducts, a carbon fibre spoiler, a carbon fibre splitter, an aerodynamic hood, a carbon fibre roof spoiler, a carbon fibre rear diffuser and more. But they didn’t stop there. In order to change the looks of the car even more than the aerodynamic improvements had done, they’ve added headlight trim, mirror trims, and TechArt Forumla III Forged Wheels.

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