Home Car News 2015 Lexus IS-F Possible but Without V8 Engine

2015 Lexus IS-F Possible but Without V8 Engine

Production of Lexis IS F Officially Ends

2015 Lexus IS-F Possible but Without V8 Engine

Just a couple months after it was reported that Lexus was dropping the IS-F range altogether and not looking to relaunch it with the facelifted Lexus IS-series, new reports have emerged suggesting Lexus has done a backflip on its previous decision and is considering creating a next-gen Lexus IS-F.

However, the 2013 IS’ chief engineer Junichiro Furuyama recently revealed to The Motor Report that the car will likely ditch the V8 engine of the original. He said, “That V8 is a little difficult to meet Euro 6.

“The engine has a high performance focus, so the combustion condition is more severe than normal engines. It’s a little more difficult than making the V6 engines comply with Euro 6.”

“To produce more power and torque it runs leaner. That is the problem. We probably need a new engine for the F model.”

When discussing whether the new Lexus IS-F could go down the forced-induction route, Furuyama said, “For power and torque the turbocharger has a big advantage, but there is some turbo lag. Natural aspiration is one of our strong points… and is a more pure experience.” BMW was put in a similar position when creating its new 2014 BMW M3 sedan and 2014 BMW M4 coupe and eventually went down the turbocharged path.

[Via The Motor Report]



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