Bugatti Veyron Crash in Moscow

Unfortunately we have another Bugatti Veyron accident to report today. This time it looks as though the Veyron was the innocent victim of an Aston Martin DB9 owners failure to pay proper attention. We don’t know for sure though as we don’t have the details on the accident. The accident happened in Moscow right after Auto Exotica 2013 Car Show.

There have been a number of Bugatti Veyron car crashes in the past. Most recently a grey example crashed in the US out on track. We’ve seen two grand sports with major damage, one was spotted in the workshop whilst another, the Sang Blanc, was spotted on a low loader. We then saw the infamous pelican induced salt water Veyron. Before that we saw a Veyron wreck into a field in the UK!

If you have any further information on this latest accident, please do drop us a line!

Update: Thanks to our faithful Facebook fans, we can tell you that the car was taking part in the Auto Exotica 2013 event. It was up for sale with Russian dealership AutoLehmann for 33,000,000 rubles (around €770,913).

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