2015 Acura NSX Concept 2nd Generation

Acura has updated its NSX Concept, which debuted at last year’s Detroit Motor show. The car maker, also known as Honda, is showing it as a 2015 model at this year’s show. The second generation Acura NSX is being developed by Honda R&D Americas and will be manufactured in the United States at a factory in central Ohio.

While showing only minor revisions of the version showed at Detroit last year, the 2015 NSX Concept maintains its low and wide stance with edgy details, while some of the styling cues resemble the Audi R8. Honda says that the newly developed cabin offers great visibility and a strong driving position with a Simple Sports Interface, which minimizes interior clutter allowing the person behind the wheel to focus on driving.

The powerhouse will feature a direct-injected mid-mounted V6 engine mated to a seven-speed manual transmission. Additional three electric motors will work together to help drive all four wheels, and to assist with acceleration and braking.

Honda’s Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) system will also be utilized. The system is an all-new, three-motor high-performance hybrid system that combines torque vectoring all-wheel drive with hybrid efficiency through the use of three electric motors – one motor integrated with the V6 engine and two motors driving the front wheels. The system enables instant delivery of negative or positive torque to the front wheels during cornering.

Pricing is not yet official but a Honda spokesman mentioned last month that it will cost more than the 2013 Nissan GT-R, which in the US begins at 97,820 USD.


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