Yesterday at Chelsea Auto Legends, Oakley Design and Refined Marques unveiled the first of their new limited edition run of 10 Aventador’s for special clients of Refined Marques.

The Oakley Design Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 Dragon Edition features the Oakley Design upgrades we first saw on their Aventador LP760-2 back in May. This means it has the fixed carbon fibre rear spoiler, redesigned front bumper and rear air vents to aid the cooling of 6.5 V12. It also has the ECU modifications and a titanium exhaust system, that not only helps to produce 760hp, but also reduces the overall weight by 35kg. The ‘Dragon Edition’ also features specially developed HRE Wheels that are half an inch wider at the front and an inch wider at the rear while also saving another 5kg.

The interior features include special numbered plaques in the engine bay, dashboard and door sills stating the number and edition of the car, while the inside of the doors feature a red dragon stitched into them. Finally the Aventador is finished, at the customers request, in a light chrome aqua blue wrap covering the original matte black paint, making it truly stand out.

This isn’t the only project that Oakley Design and Refined Marques are collaborating on, as work is still ongoing with their LP760 Roadster, which is still on track to be shown off before Lamborghini official reveals their own Roadster version.

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