Our friend Tim aka Shmee150 managed to scoop a few pictures of the Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 that Oakley Design are working on at the moment. We think it’s going to be the fourth Aventador they’ve fitted parts to, however, this one is particularly special! For this customer, Oakley Design appear to be removing the roof!

Obviously their customer got a little impatient with waiting for the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster and took it upon themselves to commission the car. It’s a project that was commissioned by Cannes-based exclusive car dealership and tuning company, Refined Marques. The Aventador will get a removable roof panel quite similar in design to the one we will see on the Aventador Roadster that Lamborghini plan to present at a future stage.

Of course, Oakley Design will probably fit some choice upgrades for the owner. The car will keep its four-wheel drive system but will get power upgrades and a set of aerodynamic parts. Oakley Design developed a series of 27 separate modified parts for the Lamborghini Aventador. The car will get ECU modifications and a titanium exhaust system, for a final power figure of 760hp. The new titanium exhaust system also saves around 35kg.

The base Aventador is a factory matte black painted example. The car was at Veizu Technologies HQ yesterday which is where the pictures and video were taken. The complete project will be released before the end of the year and well before the expected release of the Aventador Roadster which will probably be at Geneva in March next year.

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  1. @RDS ..of course it would. That what happens when owners are ignorant and give their cars to low end operators who do anything for a dollar.

  2. This car has already been on the chassis rig to check stiffness before and after over 1 month ago. The monocoque’s stiffness is only reduced by 6% as a carbon chassis is different in design and strength layout to a steel/alloy one from a normal supercar that you must b getting yourselves confused with. You can see this in both Carrera GT and F50 designs.

  3. @LamboCARS Because you’re naive enough to think that anything anyone tells you is “fact” (and will publish it) speaks volumes. Which technical authority assessed (and approved) the rigidity tests? Removing the roof (unless done by Lamborghini)is stupid, so is removing the highly sophisticated Haldex 4WD system. Do think Oakley can surpass the R&D capacity, engineering scrutiny and testing of Audi/Lamborghini? ..only people as naive as you would think that.

  4. @Oakley Design ..Which part of the monocoque’s stiffness is “only” reduced by 6%? ..and why is “stiffness” the only criteria? The roof supports the windscreen pillars (and windscreen) which are critical and susceptible zones in crashes. Did you conduct crash tests or, at least measure for possible compromises in the upper pillars? The..”that’ll do” approach would not meet manufacturer (and regulatory) standards. The Carrera GT was designed, ie reinforced, to be roofless, there is a difference.


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