Ken Block's GymkhanaFIVE

Ken Block, together with DC Shoes released the fifth installment of the original viral drifting series; Ken Block’s Gymkhana. The setting for the new ten-minute Gymkhana video is San Francisco.

The car is Ken’s Ford Fiesta RS WRC car. Cameo performances include X-Game gold medalist Travis Pastrana and Jake Phelps of Thrasher Magazine. It’s every bit as epic as you would expect!

The team even managed to get the San Francisco Bay Bridge shut down to film the intro! See the full video below!

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  1. Who cares ? The man is a pretentious , over rated , over paid , Stunt Driver . Period ! Stick him in a RACE or RALLY car and Ken Block( head ) can’t even get out of his own way , never mind actually WIN one .

    Truth be known the man is an embarrassment to US racing/rally . Just like his father in law was ;-)

  2. @ Mr Scudria – Understanding as I do the current ” No Brow ” zeitgeist that we live in I understand ….. duuuuuuuuude …. all to well ( hopefully that didn’t go right over your head ) But ……. just because I understand it duuuuuuuuude ( I really despise the use/abuse of that word ) Doesn’t mean I’ve got to stand silently/idly by and tolerate it …… duuuuuuuuuuude !

    BTW duuuuuuuude . You’ve got the formula back @$&edwards . Its MONEY first and then popularity e.g. the more MONEY you make the more popular you become ……. duuuuuuuuuuude !

  3. Not a lot of new tricks apart this amazing jump, but still extremely enjoyable.
    And I don’t know if Ken Block is an embarrassment to US racing/rally, but I know one commenter who’s an embarrassment for mankind.


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