Every time AMS run a new version of their R35 Nissan GT-R-based AMS Alpha 12, there’s a potential for records to be broken. This time, the Texas Mile event saw them break 8.6263 seconds with an exit speed of 173.8mph (279.7km/h). The time was recorded on the first run of the day, leaving little confusion about who really produces the fastest Nissan GT-R!

We know that you readers are big fans of AMS having voted their AMS Alpha GT-R 10, the slightly more road-based version of the Alpha 12, as your Tuning Car of the Year 2011. So this news should come as no surprise considering that it previously held the title with an 8.975 second time at 169.49mph. SP Engineering toppled that time recently with 8.79 seconds at 167mph, however, no there is no doubt!

This particular AMS Alpha 12 is known as the Alpha Omega GT-R. It was recently tested on the dyno where it produced 1,601 all-wheel horsepower. Enjoy the video and look out for more news on the AMS GT-R’s.

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