The automotive storytellers over at eGarage recently posted an interview with Akira Nakai, the man behind the insanely cool Rauh-Welt tuning phenomenon. Despite the worldwide popularity of his cars, Akira still works from the same garage in Chiba-Ken he started 20 years ago. He explains that despite the popularity of his brand he won’t ever go mainstream, preferring instead to continue making his creations in his Japanese workshop.

The video is extremely well produced and, while there isn’t much action, you really do get a sense of what drives Akira Nakai to continue producing his Rauh-Welt Porsches; an extreme passion.

For those who haven’t been aware of Rauh-Welt until now, here’s a summary. Akira Nakai started creating Porsche’s in his Chiba-Ken garage 20 years ago. Since then he has not stopped. More recently the name has started appearing on race and street legal Porsche around the world. They are distinguishable by their ‘Rauh-Welt’ sticker placed at the top of the windscreen. Workshops now produce RWB cars in UK, Tokyo, Thailand and USA, adhering to the fundamental principals.

As for the cars, the video will give you some idea of what the Rauh-Welt conversion is. Rauh-Welt works mainly on 930 and 964 Porsche models, creating a bespoke body always in the same fundamental style. Only one car per customer will ever be allowed, ensuring that your RWB Porsche has that unique, special touch.

Do take a look at the video below. We’ve also included a set of photos above for you to look at too. Enjoy!

[Via eGarage and Hightopfade]

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