The Lyonheart K is an all-new, truly British luxury sports car, which has been launched today. Classic Factory, the Swiss design company, enjoyed success with its modern interpretation of the legendary Jaguar E-Type, designed by Robert Palm in collaboration with Bo Zolland. In order to meet customer demand, decision was taken to build a limited series of the wonderful car.

The 5.0 liter Supercharged V8 delivers 550hp and 680Nm of torque. Carbon fiber panels cover an aluminium chassis, keeping the weight below 1,600kg. The Lyonheart K reaches 100km/h in under four seconds and tops 300km/h (electronically limited).

Lyonheart’s design philosophy is simple, use only genuine materials: carbon fiber, leather, veneer, polished stainless steel, brushed aluminium and chromed metal, nothing else. The aluminium engine is fitted under the traditional, front-hinged clamshell bonnet.

The Lyonheart K is entirely hand-built in Coventry by a new company named: Lyonheart Cars Ltd. The order books for the fifty first Lyonheart K cars are now open at a basic price of EUR 495,000 (without taxes). The estimated delivery time is 18 months.

Official Lyonheart K - British Luxury Sports Car 01

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