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Car Crash: McLaren MP4-12C in Holland

Wrecked McLaren MP4-12C in Holland

News of a crashed McLaren MP4-12C has reached us via our friends over at AutoBlog.nl. The silver McLaren is for sale in an unrepaired state at Marktplaats.nl. After just 4,000km, the Belgian owned supercar ended up in a ditch setting off both passenger and driver airbags.

It looks as though the MP4-12C is missing most of its undercarriage, we’d also suspect a fair amount of water damage. Front and rear body panels would also need to be replaced, other than that, we think this could be salvageable! The supercar is for sale at a price of € 129,500. We don’t think this is the same car that suffered damage at Spa Francorchamps earlier this year.



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