Overkill Lamborghini Troncielago in Arabia

A few months ago we saw this Ferrari 458 Italia trying to get a role in the movie TRON Legacy. The new video below shows a Lamborghini Murcielago fitted with a new Reventon-type body kit and even more LED lights, making it a wonderful example for our Overkill category.

Let us know what you think about this TRON car in the comments below.

Update: the video was made in Asia and the car was fitted with LED lights by a Chinese company called PHKOSUGI.

[Via Carscoop]

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  1. LoL u got be Kidding me,, That’s Is Disgusting, . Another case of having all the money in the world and noo Class!..

    But im sure the Kids would like it..

    LoL @ Troncielago!

  2. Dear MR, I watched this video, and remembered that Japanese have a big appetite for such things, I have seen older videos for all sorts of super cars with such neon lights, and after few searches, it is clear that those were done in Japan, and not anywhere near the middle east, it’s just re-uploaded by someone from the middle east with music on YouTube.. here are couple of links to get you’re the real story..

    the company that does the work is: http://www.phkosugi.com

    Kind regards,

  3. Ahdi, thanks for your reply. Great to see those videos and links.

    I will keep the story like this for the time being, but we will share the videos on our front page over the coming days.



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