AC Schnitzer at Essen Motor Show 2011

German BMW tuner AC Schnitzer brought three packages to the annual tuning and car show in Essen. The 2011 Essen Motor Show means the introduction of the tuning program for the brand new BMW 1-Series F20 and the BMW 6-Series Coupe. The third vehicle on display is the 1-Series M Coupe by AC Schnitzer, which had its official release at the 2011 IAA Motor Show in September.

The program for the BMW 1M is called ACS1 Sport Coupé and focuses primarily on visual enhancements, but the 1-Series Coupé also received a new braking system, performance upgrade and racing suspension. The power upgrade goes from a standard 340 at 5,900rpm to 400hp at 6,100rpm. The maximum torque increases from 450Nm to 560Nm at 4,700rpm. Top speed was raised to 300km/h and the sports car goes from zero to 100km/h in 4,7 seconds, 0,2 faster than stock.

The exterior changes to the 1M include new carbon front spoiler, chromed front grille, carbon rear diffusor and bonnet vents. Customers can choose from Type VIII and Type V forged alloy wheels in BiColor, Type VIII and Type IV wheels in BiColor and Type IV in silver with corresponding tyres to transfer the power to the road.

The white BMW 650i Coupe placed at the stand of AC Schnitzer is the first tuned coupe by the Germans released in Europe. We already saw a black 2012 BMW 6-Series Coupe fitted with AC Schnitzer parts at SEMA 2011.

The ACS6 Coupe features a similar program the the Convertible we drove a few months ago. The performance upgrade features an increase of power from 407 to 540hp. The eight-cylinder engine races from 0 to 100km/h in just 4.3 seconds. The ECU upgrade is complemented by the AC Schnitzer engine and engine bay styling, and our favorite twin sports rear silencer including chromed “Sport Trim“ tailpipes right and left.

Additional technical parts available are an eight-piston high performance brake system for the front, and wide variety of wheel set; Type IV in BiColor or silver, Type V Lightweight Forged alloys in BiColor, or Type VIII in BiColor or as Racing Forged rims in BiColor. The exterior and interior received an improved design.

Official images AC Schnitzer ACS6 Coupe

Video AC Schnitzer ACS1 Sport Coupe at Essen Motor Show 2011

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