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Katie Price Paints Her Bugatti Veyron Pink?

Katie Price Paints Her Bugatti Veyron Pink

Does the name Katie Price ring a bell? No? Ever heard of former glamour model Jordan? Both are the same topless glamour woman who is planning a pink paint job on a Bugatti Veyron.

Katie was photographed next to the hypercar at Project Kahn in Bradford in the UK. According to The Sun, she wants the brand-new bright red 253mph motor to be the same colour as the rest of her dazzling vehicle fleet.

Afzal’s team is of course capable to fulfill the task of painting the £ 1.0 million Bugatti Veyron supercar in a pink livery, but in fact the Veyron and F1 number plate in the picture belong to Afzal Kahn himself. The owner of Project Kahn owns two Veyrons and ordered a third one. So we wonder if she really bought the hypercar and is planning to put it next to her pink Range Rover with Kahn body kit. Time will tell.

Katie Price Paints Her Bugatti Veyron Pink 01


  1. The car in the picture is not her’s. Its the owner of Project Khan, he owns the F1 number plate, it used to be on his SLR.

  2. WTF is it with chicks and their pink cars? I know they wet their panties when they see a pink bag or whatever but these are cars worth a million for gods sake :S

  3. She isn’t getting this. She has a Range Rover (which she recently got, hence the photos of her at Project Kahn) and a Panamera, she isn’t buying a Veyron

  4. Something suposedly more powerful, performant and FAR more expensive than a “regular” supercar.
    Hypercar : Zonda, veyron, Huayra,Tuatara, One-77.
    Supercar: Murcielago,Carrera GT, Sls,Slr and so on…


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