2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

For those of you following this weekend’s 39th ADAC Nürburgring 24 Hours via one of the live streams or the Formula 1 race in Valencia via your local TV station, there is more motorsports you can check out today.

The 2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has just started and you can watch it via this live feed supported by the PPIHC organisation, a similar feed available via Ustream.tv or the video feed below.

The race is hillclimb run on a 12.42 mile course with 156 turns that begins at 9,390 feet and finishes at the 14,110 foot summit of America’s Mountain; Pikes Peak! As the drivers climb toward the summit, the thin air slows reflexes and saps muscle strength. The thin air also robs engines of 30% of their power at the summit.

This year the race has 11 classes and features a variety of automotive, semi truck, exhibition, open wheel, super stock car, pro truck and motorcycle classes with a field approaching 200 competitors.

The current record is 10:01.41 and was set by Nobuhiro Tajima in 2007.

2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Course Map

Ustream.tv live feed

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  1. Yeah! It sucks big time. But this is the only coverage we got in real time. And I blame the American TV stations for this. They are so busy to show ‘The World According To Paris’ and so many other stupid realities, but they can’t cover once a year one of the top 5 best race events in the world. Shame on you Americans.

  2. Guys, did any of you find any confirmation or story on this? Did anybody state anything about it, except the livestream. If so, I will put it into on the front page. Thanks in advance.

  3. Un collina della passione che fa sognare anche noi Italiani, con un Amico Marco Belli al via in sella ad una Zaeta, Pilota e Moto spinti dalla passione VERA che in una gara come questa diventano evento, storia e sogno nello stesso momento. Grazie Marco !! Grazie Paolo !

  4. The streaming of the PPIHC SUCKS! Rednecks have Nascar on Sunday, the Indy 500, Surfing, Volleyball but no PPIHC on national TV WHY NOT?

  5. I agree w/Rick…this is a HUGE event!! We were there and alot took place. Where is the coverage?! I’ve been searching the internet all a.m. and am finding very little, and ALOT of conflicting info on Tajima. I am reading that he broke HIS record, but not the world record? Very sad there wasn’t more coverage on this event. We volunteered and missed the race until noon. I have some AWESOME photos from then on!! But the coverage I’ve been able to find thus far is sadly lacking…it was a great race and there were many “glitches” (technical; several accidents, etc.)

  6. I agree I have to find Youtube footage in order to watch a race in the US that EVERYBODY comes here to race. And you don’t get a damn thing! Maybe in 6 months there will be a show talking about it on Altitude and at that it will be 30min long? Where is the Coverage?


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