Geneva 2011 Toyota FT-86 Concept II

Following the release of an official teaser, Toyota has revealed Toyota FT-86 Concept II at the Geneva Motor Show. According to Japanse car maker, this is the best indication yet of what the production version of the RWD reborn FT-86 will look like.

Changes with respect to the 2009 FT-86 Concept include the addition of vents on the front wings and a more pronounced rear wheel arch. A new front fascia, flared rocker panels, and the elimination of the 2009 car’s directional-spoke wheels. The rear got a spoiler, a diffuser-esque rear, and openings under the taillights.

The FT-86 II is rear-wheel-drive, has a six-speed manual, and will be powered by a mid-FR Subaru boxer engine.

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  1. Toyota is making a big mistake here,they are trying to put a car in a very mixed category:the 09′ concept was supposed to be the Celica succesor not Supras,and Toyota’s staff was thinking exactly that.Now that the new “Celica” was in a good time for launching they popped up with another concept two years later,and the worst part is that they put some stuff from the Supra category,in a car with quite weak specs to even stand out there.Wrong move Toyota.

  2. Why you guys think this is Supra successor? Nobody said that, this is still the same concept, small, light, RWD, Celica alike sportscar.

  3. Umm celica? supra? Only one person got it right and it is the AE86 known as the corolla before it was a FWD car. The concept name FT86 should have hinted at that. I kinda wish Toyota just stuck with the 2zz engine that is currently in the lotus Elise/exige and turbo it. The boxter engine is not bad but the 2zz is a good engine also.


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