Video How Not To Park Your Veyron

Look at this video! A YouTube member spotted a Veyron Centenaire being parked at Harrods, not by the owner but a member of his security.

The guy is trying to park the hypercar, but puts the rear wheel onto the curb/path and has like a false startup. Somehow he sets the alarm off too.

Could somebody hand over the keys, we can do it much better than this!


  1. The Bugatti using only special tires with PAX system produced by Michelin. Few years ago I had got Audi A8 and for the winter i had got Michelin Pax system tires, they need special rims and there was a lots of problem with that. I waited 3 month for new 4 tires and searched a special service who had got a special machine for changed it. Even in Audi services they didn’t got a machine for Pax system. Nowdays only Bugatti using out-of-date Pax system, the rest using Run Flat which is better.


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