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Ferrari FFour Rendered in Classic Ferrari Colors

Ferrari FFour Rendered in Classic Ferrari Colors

The Ferrari FFour all-wheel drive luxury sports car has not been received very well by the world around us. The lists with comments are long and merely negative. In the end colour change the perspective of a vehicle and especially the FFour would give you a better overall feeling and opinion if another colour trim was placed in front of you.

A total of thirteen renderings have been made by a member at Teamspeed showing the Ferrari FFour in a wide variety of classic Ferrari exterior colors. The renderings also include different rim colors.


  1. The more and more I look at the FF, the more it grows on me. I would say it’s a huge improvement over the 612. It’s a step in another direction and I give Ferrari credit for doing something different. could be worse, could look like a Panamera.

  2. I think it looks awesome!!! The darker colours make it more manacing than any other car ive seen in a long time!

    Still… its got a hint of TVR to it… and that is no bad thing at alol!!!

    Well done Ferarri!!!

  3. Wake up people!Open your eyes!Just look at his mess!Aston with the rapide,porsche with the panamera,till this point ok,but this is just too much!Its an Italia in the front,a Fiat Bravo on the back,AWD kills the fun of 650hp,rims that are cheaper than some from a chinese tuning shop!4seats in a Ferrari?Ok but not like this!It looks more like an Impreza hatchback than a 575.If i want a supercar for rides on sundays or track days i will get a car that is build from someone with experience in these matters(F458),if i want a safe,fast though everyday car with room for my family i will get an Impreza Cosworth.I just hope that Lambo wont start making the Estoque!No more 4 doors from supercar makers,or else they should not be called like that!

  4. It’s ugly. And swapping colors won’t change the shape. Maybe a dual-tone paint could help a little, but that rear is so fat that you’d need invisible paint.


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