ADV.1 R8

American tuner ADV.1 Wheels now made his way to Europe thanks to a partnership with specialist ATT-Tec in Rastatt, a city hundred kilometers west from Stuttgart, Germany.

ATT-Tec will be ADV.1’s exclusive partner for distributing their wheels all over Europe. Sadly enough there are some obstacles to overcome. The first one is getting a TÜV certificate for the rims. The certificate is needed to official use and sell the wheels in Germany.

Jordan from ADV.1 Wheels said:

For those who aren’t too familiar with the TUV process, it’s a very extensive, detailed and expensive testing process for wheels to be able to be driven on in Germany and parts of Europe. Each individual wheel style needs to go through a ton of testing and procedures for each application, so in order to TUV certify a wide range of popular applications in all of our styles is a huge investment. The end result will be pretty amazing for Germany as ADV.1 will be one of the only legal wheel options for exotic vehicles!

ADV.1 Germany

[Via L4P]


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