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Video: Jay Leno’s Closer Look at Porsche’s 918 Spyder

Video Jay Leno's Closer Look at Porsche's 918 Spyder

TV celebrity Jay Leno had a closer look at the new 918 Spyder Concept from Porsche. Together with Michael Mauer, Head of Design at Porsche, he takes us around the vehicle and shows some of its features. You will hear the engine sound of the petrol engine, the silence of the electrical engine and see the special air intakes.

Watch the episode of Jay Leno’s garage below!


  1. waste of technology in my opinion. why would it matter if this car cna do 4mpg or 400mpg ? its not going to be used everyday. or much at all. its gonna be a car only to be seen at very special occasions at that price. and at that special occasion its probably gonna be in race mode. so not hybrid.

    waste of all that technology. they needed to fit the 911 with this. which is a more usable car.

  2. This is PR and Brand management.

    Porsche is showing that they can answer any challenge, wether it is environmental issue or performance.

    So, no waste of technology or usability issue, this is just a smart investment in markting and giving collectors what they want.
    Earning some money asaide is allways good too.


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