Video New Footage Pagani Zonda R Nürburgring Record

We all know that the Pagani Zonda R has set a new lap record for the Nürburgring a few weeks ago. Although the car is not road legal, the new time of 6 minutes 47 seconds beats the previous time set by the Radical SR8LM and the Ferrari 599 XX. Pagani released a video showing the Zonda R in action. You will be able to follow the full lap from inside the car.

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  1. That was amazing, there’s a few spots where he lost a few tenths like the out of place up shift in the slight uphill section right on the town part, but very impressive both man and machine!

  2. I agree with AJ. There are a few spots where he misses. There are some places where he could shave of a few tenths but I must disagree with the “slight uphill section” Exmuhle is actually quite steep.

  3. Ok, it is more than “slight” but he got a bit mixed up it seems, he upshifted too soon and had to downshift again to get the car in the right gear.

    Still an awesome run.


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