TranStar Racing Unveil 2000bhp Dagger GT

The Dagger GT project was recently unveiled with promises of 2000hp and a top speed of 300mph. The specifications put the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport to shame, however, the car is yet to hit the development stage so the boasting, we believe, is a little premature.

Another US project, the Dagger GT promises to be the fastest production car to date. Only five are to be made by 2011, three hard-core racing models along the lines of the Zonda R, a street-legal comfortable-riding sport model and a soft-riding, luxurious GT-X model. All will be street-legal and compliant to regulations in 49 US states.

Costs will start around $ 450,000 (£ 300,000 or € 360,000) rising with spec. All cars will be hand-crafted with only two production slots left before the project can take off. Order books may open once more for a further batch of ten cars in 2012.

The 2000hp will be produced through an aluminum, twin-turbo 572 multifuel racing engine built by Nelson Racing Engines. A custom TranStar/Mendeola six-speed transaxle geared to 308mph is also featured and expect plenty of carbon fiber. A high-strength 4130 Chromoly Steel chassis will be used to cope with the power.

Let us know what you think of the ideas below.

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  1. In my opinion it’s quite a nice car. I just cant understand how it will succeed to reach 300mph when we know that the Veyron has the tires for maximum speed at 253mph and they last only a few minutes (about 4 minutes if I am not mistaken).

  2. Looks great, quite stunning and without most of the usual supercar cliches. I just can’t ever see it being slippery enough for 300+. And yeah, no manufacturer has ever made a pneumatic tyre capable of 300mph. Those piston engined Land Speed Record contraptions at Bonneville exclusively run solid wheels.

    Would be perfect should one find oneself in Texas, though.

  3. The looks stunning but 300mph without a roof??
    And like above was said which tires will they use??
    I assume it’s RWD, now, how a average or even an experient driver will control all that power thru country roads??

  4. Indeed this car looks very nice, although i am skeptical about the specs. It isn’t difficult to make a car go fast, but to make a fast car which has also very good driveability is another story.

  5. Hmm.. Very skeptic also. But I am eagerly waiting for this car to hear the real top speed and other stuff. Interesting.

  6. There is no chance that that thing will go 300 mph…Veyron’s tires at speed of 253 mph last 15 minutes,but they are capable to reach about 260 mph///Americans never had a supercar and I don’t think that they can change that this time xD

  7. If it was like 260mph and 1500hp it could be serious but it still would need time(release date 2013?), but in one year making from nothing a 2000hp supercar looks a bit like science fiction, except if everyone in the team had IQ over the Einstein’s one.

  8. I like the idea behind it, but I’m not so sure the execution will be as successful. At most (being a hard-top roadster), I could see it reaching 265. Sure it’s got enough horsepower and torque to change Earth’s axis, but I will have my doubts.


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