Porsche GT2 4WD

Drag races between supercars give the best possible view on who is the fastest and that is exactly what the guys from GTboard.com do. In the past we saw Ferrari’s racing against Lamborghini’s, Audi’s against BMW’s, Koenigsegg’s against Veyron’s and so on. Their latest film includes the brand new Ferrari 458 Italia dragging against a 1000bhp strong Porsche 997 GT2 with four wheel drive system.

First let us know which one you think will be fastest and then check out the video below!

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  1. “let us know which one you think will be fastest”

    Ok, let me think, the GT2 has more than 400 hp over the 458 and you’re asking which is the fastest… hum, there must be some clever trick here… wait, I’ve got it, the GT2 has 2 NM of torque.

    Oups, I was wrong.

  2. I wouldn’t really call that a GT2 anymore, its just a stripped out 1000HP 911 Turbo… I don’t really see the purpose of getting a GT2 and then making it AWD. When u shoot money out the a$$ I guess its irrelevant

  3. Yeah there is no sense in putting an AWD system in the GT2 because basically the GT” is a 911 Turbo without the AWD drivetrain and stripped out interior.

  4. Sloppy racing. Once the Ferrari owner realizes he can’t win he simply lets off the gas. He has absolutely no business there if he can’t apply himself and his car.


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