Video Mercedes SLS AMG Upside Down in Tunnel 480x280

We all know the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG as a ‘super’car, but driving upside down in a tunnel is not a specification we came across when we checked out the vehicle at the IAA 2009. Mercedes kept the unique feature from us and shows us now the official footage of how they did it!

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  1. its rather hard to believe that was real, without crashing or damaging atleast 1 sls….. i mean you’d have to be so precise in not missing those ramps, especialy when comming down.

  2. Not a single slow-mo, no shots of the ramps… it stinks like fake.
    And by the way Clarkson did it before in Romania (well, a stunt man at least), and it was real… the car almost crashed.

  3. haha the driver would have done anything they asked if they promises not to lock him in a car trailer again because he couldn’t open the door once in there.


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