MTM RS6 R Record Time Nardo

The development of the MTM RS6 R hasn’t stopped after we first drove the superfast station wagon around Wettstetten. MTM has evolved the Audi RS6-based vehicle up to a point that reached 344.2km/h at the annual Auto Motor und Sport highspeed event in Nardo. With this top speed it smashed all other sports cars competing in the event, two-door sports cars included.

It is unknown which cars did participate in the event, but all will become clear when the full results appear next month’s Auto Motor und Sport. When we have the figures, we will tell the end score. Until that moment enjoy a video about the MTM RS6 R.

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  1. The high speed meeting in nardo was just for people who wanted to bring their own cars to topspeed. A modified LP560, 599GTB, 997 GT3 RS, Maserati Gran Sport, Corvette ZR1, SL55AMG, F430, RS6 MTM, SLR722S, S65AMG 730HP, 9ff 800HP 911 participated.


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