The first production ready Artega GT’s rolled off the Artega production line last month. The GT is the first car Artega have sold, however it’s been around for a little while in concept form, we spotted it at Geneva this year as well as 2007’s show when the car was first released. Artega have the capacity to produce 500 cars a year which will be sold through it’s dealerships in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Without taxes, the Artega GT will set you back €67,184.87. For that price you get a 3.6 litre V6 packing 300bhp and a Volkswagen-sourced DSG gearbox. That’s enough for 0-100kph (62mph) in just 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 270kph (168mph). Enjoy the gallery we’ve included below.


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  1. I really hate to say this but these cars just don’t tickle my pickle anymore – the Artega, Marussia, new McLaren.

    I mean they’re hand made, have the price and performance of an M3 and I’m sure really crappy warranty.

    I mean none of these manufacturers is trying to do something amazing – they’re all doing the same thing – 3 liter V6, VW DSG, stick a nice 7″ LCD in it and you have a car.

    Although Noble was much cheaper than Pagani or Koenigsegg it just seemed that they did the BEST they can do.

    And is it just me or do they all look the same ?

  2. @cos: I wouldn’t say that they all look the same. This Artega is beautiful, the Marussia also and the McLaren looked good 20 years ago (it’s some kind of copy of the F1).

    But it’s true that none of them is very exiting. Perhaps because they don’t follow the “Clarkson supercar rule” that one reader reminded us recently: they don’t have 12 cylinders and don’t look like the spaceships that kids draw.

  3. You hit the nail on the head! None of them are exciting at all, don’t follow the Clarkson rule.
    So given that, why wouldn’t anyone just buy an M3, or a 911? Without being a grinch about the Artega – doesn’t it look like a Mitsu Eclipse??

    The F1 was and is amazing. The new one is good but not living up to the McLaren name. Like the TV acting son of an Oscar nominated actor, haha

  4. Today no car manufacturer can take the risk to draw, develop and build a supercar that no one will buy. This would be the end of such a small company.
    They simply try to lean on the mainstream to get better sales figures.


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