If we say Cayenne then you know what we are talking about and some of you will get a smile on their face. If we then say Porsche Cayenne Diesel, the smile vanishes within a second. Still the Diesel isn’t the end to the story. Next year we will see a next-generation with hybrid technology! TechArt developed a package for the oil-burning two-ton-plus SUV and we took it for a road test near Leonberg, Germany.

The diesel is the car the Cayenne should have been from the start, at least next to the petrol variants. Yes we know, all the purists reading this topic will now try to kill me but it really is. The Cayenne uses the same 240bhp 3.0-litre V6 engine as the VW Touareg, making it the cheapest Cayenne you can drive, regarding fuel costs of course. The normal petrol engine will get somewhere around 450 miles on one tank, the Diesel reaches more than 600 miles. The perfect travelling companion for any long trip you have in mind and when your supercar has a day off!

We aren’t gonna discuss CO2 emissions or combined fuel consumption. Those “going-green” hype stuff is not our way of life. We will only elaborate on the enjoyable drive and excellent cruising abilities. The ride and handling are typical Cayenne. TechArt added some extras to the Cayenne Diesel creating a combination of “sportiness and efficiency”. Tree separate areas got upgrades.

Road test TechArt Cayenne Diesel 023

First of all the aerodynamic kit. TechArt is known for its Magnum body kits and converted their experience from the “other” Cayenne kits into the diesel body kit. The full kit packs side skirts, a discreet rear apron with an integral diffuser and imposing front spoiler with integrated headlamp unit. Headlamp eyebrows, tail lamp eyebrows, roof spoiler and double oval tail pipes complete the new looks. We must say much better looking than the standard – boring – Porsche kit.

The driving dynamics are improved by integrating a different “Sport” air suspension. It will allow you to lower the SUV up to 30mm. TechArt alloy wheels up to 23-inch are available in two variants; Formula allow wheels measuring 10.0 x 21 ET 57 in GTS with Continental tires 295/35 R21 and Formula II measuring 10.0 x 22 ET 55 in body color with Continental tires 295/30 R22.

For the interior a numerous amount of possibilities are available. Individually selectable leather interiors, color-coordinated three-spoke sports steering wheels and aluminum pedals with footrest are listed within the line-up. You can add any form of decorative dashboard and door trims, different cover to the infotainment system, center console enhancements and illuminated door entry guards.

Road Test TechArt Cayenne Diesel 024

The key component of the full package is the performance kit; called TA 055/D1. The kit contains new engine control software and a sports air filter. The engine performance is boosted up to 290bhp at 3,900rpm, 50bhp more than the standard diesel engine. The maximum torque is increased from 550 to 630Nm, fully available at 2,200 revs. The SUV sprints from 0-100km/h in 7.7 seconds, half-a-second faster than the production version. A top speed of 226km/h (+12km/h) is within reach.

The automatic gearbox is very smooth and generally responds well. The TechArt enhanced the availability of power in the lower rev region. The extra amount of power is available when you need it, especially when you warmed up the engine. The diesel is still not a petrol-powered Cayenne. However, using the sport mode makes it fare more enthusiastic, a bit more hasher. It heightens throttle response and shows the true style of the performance kit.

The fact that it is badged as a diesel, didn’t kill the fun at all. The TechArt kit improves looks, driving ability and interior design. It definitely adds value to the oil-burning two-ton-plus SUV.

A new TECHART Diesel Cayenne with Aerokit 1 (including the exterior and interior upgrades) will switch owners for £53,000 up to £55,500 with Aerokit 1 and Powerkit TA 055/D1. Existing vehicles can be fitted with Aerokit 1 from £15,000 and with Powerkit TA 055/D1 from £2,500. Both packs are available individually via local authorized TechArt dealerships or www.techart.de.

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